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                                              2019 IAAPA EXPO ASIA Finished, we hope to see you the next time

                                              • Publish Time: 2019-06-14
                                              • Visit: 771

                                              The IAAPA Expo Asia Show was finished on June-14th, 2019, total took three days , there were many customers from both the domestic and abroad , and all of them were very interested in the new materials of the trampoline mat made by SVIYA Group.

                                              This new materials is better than the old PP mat, it can be good for both the indoor and outdoor,as it is made by pvc and rubber , it is more stronger than the normal mat, and also better bounce effect. We hope this new mat can bring more happniess to the customers.

                                              Welcome to meet us at China (Shanghai) Sport Show 2019
                                              TRAMPOLINE PARK WILL GIVE YOU MORE THAN SPORT