Company History

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                                              Xiaofeixia (SVIYA) Amusement Equipment Group Co.,Ltd event
                                              1, in 1977 Yongnian electronic teaching aids factory was formally established, the whole set of China's first round kindergarten trampoline resulting from the same time to produce the first set of children's small bungee jumping

                                              2, 2003 - changed to Wenzhou Liangguang Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., and has its own trademark
                                                  The introduction of American technology to create the first set of adult trampoline
                                                  In the same year, will own production of six in one, four in one outdoor trampoline exports to Europe, the United States
                                              3, in 2005 changed to Wenzhou Xiaofei Xia Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., and registered trademarks, address by the town moved to the village under the town of Jingyang Village

                                              4, Wenzhou City Xiaofei picnic pleasure Co., Ltd. to obtain quality, credibility of the dual protection model unit title
                                              5, 2008, Peter Pan production of all trampoline, bungee jumping products to obtain CE certification

                                              6, in 2008, developed the first set of large trampoline composed of circular tube

                                              7.In 2009, developed by the 8mm * 4mm galvanized steel pipe composed of large trampoline park, and exported to Australia

                                                8.In 2013, to further improve the technology, steel pipe specifications from 8mm * 4mm to 10mm * 5mm galvanized steel pipe, and the introduction of Australian-related technology, produced the first set of self-produced sponge pool
                                              9, in 2014, Wenzhou City, Peter Pan Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. moved to the town under the town of 388 South Road, and expand the plant

                                              10, in 2014 set up a formal sales team, design team, research and development team

                                              11, 2014, trampoline access to the appearance of patents
                                              12, the first time in 2015 to participate in Dubai DEAL exhibition, IAAPA Sweden exhibition, IAAPA US exhibition and other large international trade show

                                              13, 2015 and Shanghai Livestock Sports Stationery Co., Ltd. completed the Shanghai JUMP360 large trampoline production and installation (the largest domestic trampoline)
                                              14, 2016 Wenzhou City, small Fei Xia Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. officially changed to Peter Pan Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., the national non-regional enterprises
                                              15,2016 years, trampoline world champion Liu Qi Peng as a small Fei Xia Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. image of the spokesperson